Chain of Responsibility

If you consign, pack, load or receive goods as part of your business, you can be held liable for the actions of those in your supply chain.

While drivers and operators have traditionally been the focus of road laws, breaches are often caused by the actions of others. Under chain of responsibility, otherwise known as COR, complying with transport law is a shared responsibility and all parties in the road transport supply chain are responsible for preventing breaches.

All parties in the supply chain – consignor/dispatcher, packer, loader, scheduler, consignee/receiver, manager, as well as the driver and operator – must take all reasonable steps to prevent breaches of the road transport mass, dimension, loading, speed compliance and work hours laws.

Commencing in 2018, the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) is changing to reflect a pro-active risk-based approach to COR, rather than the current reactionary and penalty-based approach. All parties in the supply chain will have a primary duty to eliminate and minimise public risks by doing everything reasonable to ensure their transport-related activities are safe.

Penalties can still be substantial for misunderstanding your COR duty of care and not doing all that is reasonable practicable to assess risk and comply with HVNL.

Please take this opportunity to assess your CoR compliance business practices:

1. Are you aware of your CoR obligations? Yes / No
2. Are workers aware of their CoR responsibilities? Yes / No
3. Are you aware of your role in a supply chain? Yes / No
4. Do you consign freight via a heavy vehicle? Yes / No
5. Do you load / unload heavy vehicles? Yes / No
6. Are you aware of the weight of heavy vehicles departing your business? Yes / No
7. Can you prove loads were adequately restrained when they left your business? Yes / No
8. Have drivers been checked for signs of fatigue whilst at your business? Yes / No
9. Do you consider speed and fatigue when developing or approving delivery routes? Yes / No
10. Is CoR a factor in the selection of logistics providers? Yes / No
11. Do you have influence over other persons or tasks in the supply chain? Yes / No
12. As a person conducting a business are you kept aware of changes to CoR law? Yes / No

If the answer to any of the above is NO, you are at risk of CoR prosecution.
IPAC can assist your business with its CoR compliance requirements.

IPAC differentiates ourselves through our onsite presence. We are a part of your team, working with you and not just for you. We not only create the systems needed, we implement them and train all in the process. Talk with us today about flexible options to suit your business and let the improvement process begin.

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