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Seeing your doctor for regular medical check-ups will help you stay healthy and pick up the early warning signs of disease or illness. But what about the health or your Safety and other management systems?

IPAC offers free health checks to all new clients to pick up the early signs of system breakdown. If left unchecked, these can lead to accidents within the workplace and injury to your workers. Our team of consultants will actively seek to detect system deficiencies and workplace hazards, providing you with a preliminary diagnosis on the spot. The process is simple, informal and confidential, just like visiting your own medical practitioner. Consultants will aim to answer any questions you may have about legislative requirements or best industry practice.

Should you request a proposal for any future advisory services, we will already have reference to an area of concern. Of course, follow up visits and documented findings will always be an option for the client.

Not sure if you need a health check? If you’re a manager and you answer No to any of these, you already have the first warning sign of a “safety system break-down”:

1. We have a documented work, health and safety policy
2. We have objectives and targets for all divisions and persons, including the most senior person, line management and employees
3. We have provided adequate resources to implement safety at our workplaces
4. We have identified our legal obligations and have taken steps to comply with them
5. We have consulted with workers and have documented consultation arrangements for identifying and resolving health and safety issues
6. We have identified workplace hazards and have controls in place which are regularly monitored for their effectiveness. Inspections of the workplace and processes take place.
7. We have a documented work health and safety plant that contains safe work instructions and procedures
8. Our workers have received training in health and safety requirements and have received a company induction
9. We have processes in place to deal with any potential emergency, including medical, fire and evacuation
10. We regularly review our management plan and actively look for continuous improvement

Contact us to organise your obligation-free on-site health check. Health Checks are obligation free, fast and effective.

“What’s New” - IPAC are now pleased to offer Health Checks for Chain of Responsibility.


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